A Twilight With A Firefly

Bliss means, no joy, until it’s spent
O’er, fiery fury, steeped, in sin
“For, pain is, passion’s sacrament”
She had, sighed to me, as she, squirmed, in her skin!

“No one, could get, fierier, than me
I play, love and lust, with heart, and soul”
That firemaid, lead me, to seething sea
Where, trinity bled, her hyperbole!

She lay, sprawling, o’er, smoldering sand
Flaring enigma, dared my, flickering faith
Her octopus, snared me, strand by strand
And toyed, with the fear, of my, manhood’s wraith!

Alas! It was, to, everlast!
The baneful, boon of, a flagrant lie
I sank, in my, sublime sin, aghast
On A, Twilight, With A, Firefly!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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