The Muse Of My Sadism

Your blood, and tears; my semen, and sweat
Baptize the tryst, between faith, and fear
Love, lust, bliss, pain, lest we forget
The stings, of sin, shall lay them bare!

Our salvation, is, our bondage
Our nirvana, l’amour’s, furor
In our outrage, of, pain’s pilgrimage
You’re the bull, I gore, your matador!

Why shroud, in whispers, rhapsody
Whilst, I skin you, my naked sin
There are, no decrees, in this orgy
Where pleasure, and pain, are both akin!

There’s more thirst, left, in her moribund kiss
Than lust, in my spent, manhood’s sanctum
Lest my nerves, divine death, of mortal bliss
She lasts, beyond my orgasm, The Muse, Of My Sadism!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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