No Redemption For Biden’s Orphans

Pilgrims, of plight, and destiny
Where surges, to, this ethnic tide
Far away, from truth, of ignominy
Looms, utopian lie, they’d glorified!

Your condemned cradle, disowns, you
Or you, spurn it, for that, promised land
Which, no more smacks, of Trump’s taboo
But Biden’s dream, of, fog and sand!

Why America, must bear, your failure
A piteous race, a devious regime!
Many millions, add to, one cipher
Are they, worthy of, American Dream!

Biden bartered hard, their, brethren’s votes
To sell, them, socialist shenanigans
Who’ll drown, on the way, in hope’s lifeboats
No Redemption, For, Biden’s Orphans!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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