When Yearns To Burn Faith’s Firefly

Cold is, Moscow, more murkier, though
A Republic, bears, Socialist Eclipse
“Democracy, is a, Machiavellian, manifesto”
Parodies, Putin, with his, Poison-Lips!

Many sentenced, by his, Poison-Pen
‘Renegades’, who called, his empty bluff
In every street, Putin’s, henchmen
Ambush, who blare, “Enough Is Enough !!!”

Who rose, from the throes, of his inferno
Navalny’s faith, vanquished, Putin’s fear
Russia dares, to outgrow, past’s shadow
When, blood-smeared bread, was a, creed austere!

The more, you quell, it rages more
Like the, bleeding heart, of a, fiery rabbi
A martyr’s furor, is, freedom’s metaphor
When Yearns, To Burn, Faith’s Firefly

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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