A Widow Smeared In Vermilion

Still smolders on, that, seething sand
Which bore, the fury, of the sun
A pregnant dream, drifts thru, wasteland
Where trinity, trysts, in unison!

All pilgrims, of day’s, spent passage
With splintered veins, at the, heavens’ edge
End, one more time, their pilgrimage
And sin, with eve, o’er broken pledge!

From the, grieving-gown, resplendent blue
She molts into, furor, blood-red
For the sin, and virtue’s, rendezvous
In the, trinity’s orgy, in her bed!

They make love, as the, mermaids moan
Squelching in tides, of, sea’s fury
Between, moon’s cradle, and, sun’s tombstone
Lay scattered, love’s, broken rhapsody!

She mourns, thru the day, for a moment, of bliss
In the throes, of, three strangers’, liaison
Whose souls, dissolve in, that twilight’s kiss
A Widow, Smeared, In Vermilion!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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