In The Funeral Of Schrödinger’s Cat

Why is matter’s, crucial creed, cipher
Wherein space, curtails, the faith of time
To a faltering, gamble, of Schrödinger
God’s truth, in the prison of, man’s paradigm!

Belief is, beyond, what we, perceive
In this realm, where perception, is a lie
Our conjectures, can’t help, but deceive
Eerie beauty, beyond, beholders’ eye!

When will end, man’s, Quantum Conquests
Now that, AI, solved his, equation
Is he, still lost, in, eternal quests
Wherein cipher, is an, infinite dimension!

Our Quantum World, did he, at last, redeem
Since we are, no more, blind, as a bat
May his equation, be, a lasting requiem
In The Funeral, Of, Schrödinger’s Cat!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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