We Seek From History Truths Of Today

Never ever lost, in the, sands of times
Immortal treads, of, humankind
We’re pilgrims, of, our paradigms
Wherein heart believes, in the myths, of mind!

Present, is a puppet, of the past
Helplessly tethered, to its, whims
Every happenstance here, is born, to last
No less than, epics, of human hymns!

We don’t script it, it writes us, through
From the dark age, to, each renaissance
It knows. more than, our prophets knew
With the, tides of time, our dalliance!

Our being, is beyond, our legacy’s myth
O’er which, towers, our ethnic sway
Our tomb of past, is, present’s megalith
We Seek, From History, Truths Of Today!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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