The Monolith Of The New Year Myth

Sun’s annular ride, our annual rite
A cosmic truth, is an, ethnic need
Billions of souls, slog, day and night
In time’s wasteland, sow, destiny’s seed!

Years of, history, history, of years
Time measures, us up, as we, measure time
Our past deciphers, our faiths, and fears
And present, our future’s, paradigm!

From the Big Bang, to, space-time-matter
We’re immortal, successors, of cipher
With a, fistful of, infinite dreams
We are, what our, endeavor redeems!

In the, life’s, eternal pilgrimage
We chase, footsteps, of our, Time-smith
And bow, each year, with, all the rage
To The Monolith, Of The, New Year Myth!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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