The Year That China Stole From Us

What was, to be, the dawn, of an age
Ended, myth of, human fortitude
In the, dragon’s rage of, red outrage
Man measures, in gasps, his magnitude!

A Socialist State, bred the, Germ of Hate
In its, labs of, vicious virulence
For the, Chinese race, to dominate
The world, with its, ethnic insolence!

Many die, with “Chinese Flu”, rest await, in queue
Economies stare, at a swelling, jobless clan
In the farms, of death, many dreams, bid adieu
O’er our rot, prospers, a Socialist Satan!

Our world, won’t be, the same again
Afflicted, by, Communist Virus
In a holocaust, ever, so profane
The Year, That China, Stole From Us!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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