Is e-Nertia The New Truth Of Our Age !!!

Not just paradigms, and, conjectures
Progress molted, its, old DNA
In the quest, to harness, ones and ciphers
We have lost, to our, digital melee!

We’ve found, a, digital substitute
For everything, from means, to ends
Since, we became, our own pursuit
Beyond, our e-thos, AI transcends!

Have not, we torn, more than, a myth
Beyond mends, our, e-thnic fabric
Now a tomb, our intellect’s, megalith
Resents, modernity’s, plastic epic!

With, wasting limbs, and, comatose mind
We drag, e-xistence, of outrage
Exalts, its Digital Death, mankind
Is e-Nertia, The New Truth, Of Our Age!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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