Those Men Who Left Forgotten Names

By the, fiery sea, a million mutinies
Men flouted fear, with, machismo
Blood baptized, a, billion destinies
When God, squirmed in, Satan’s shadow!

As much, were they, dispensable
As the names, that trembled, on their tags
Was their, martyrdom, ostensible
Mere means, to fill, more body-bags!

“Who were they?”, did it matter, at all
To the brinksmen, who made them, fight their war
The sons, who left, their hearths, to fall
Nameless, faceless, death’s metaphor!

Legitimate murders, buy, salvations
In bazaars, of death, where play, blood-games
Nurtured on, political, hate’s rations
Those Men, Who Left, Forgotten Names!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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