That Starry Night’s Ode To Van Gogh’s Soul

To what, rendered me, Saint of Paint
A cosmic funeral, in the, dark!
A creative thought, with, deceptive taint
Was Van Gogh, you, ever so stark!

A cypress, below, the heaven’s, maze
By the, naked hills, slept a, lost village
In, saturnine sky, galactic haze
Where the madman, strayed, in his thoughts’, pilgrimage!

How you, saw me, from, madhouse, Vincent
And laid, me bare, beyond the bone
For the world, a, sinful sacrament
Truth’s glory, etched on, your lone tombstone!

A tortured, artist’s, redemptive thoughts
A silent, satirist’s, hyperbole
An immortal, farm of, forget-me-nots
That Starry Night’s Ode, To, Van Gogh’s Soul!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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