Since A Mailman Brought Our Only Joy

Lost millennium, is, but a fairy-tale
To the e-Species, tethered to, IP
Before new age of, 5G, e-Mail,…
Brought, timeless musings, letters of 5P!

Sans smileys, slangs, letter-writing, was an art
And a literature, beyond, poesy and prose
Not a scrap, of paper, but a shred, of heart
O’er which, strayed world’s, ethos, pathos!

How a message, made it, to the, very last mile
Is the, most intriguing, piece of all
A soul, toiled terrains, to reconcile
A wandering thought, with its, faith’s recall!

Do angels, come on, squeaky cycles!
Well, ours did come; our dreams’ envoy
We lost, lingual love, and its syllables
Since A Mailman, Brought Our, Only Joy!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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