Faith’s Façade Of Nuclear Jihad

Ayatollahs love, Jew Einstein, since 1979
Who taught them, to redeem, their dreaded, Shia doctrine
The quantum of, atomic oomph, was never, so divine
Since a faith, deified fear, at the cost of, Nuclear-Sin!

What had begun, as quest, for growth
Fell into, the hands, of fanatics
Who tore, to shreds, the Nuclear-Oath
That had, once enforced, Nuclear-Ethics!

Was it Persian pride, or, Shia prejudice
That rendered it, a pariah, of ummah
It chose to be, a holy, Nuclear-Nemesis
To pull off, Islamic throne’s, coup d’état!

“Selectivism, spurs, Nuclear-Nationalism” –
East indicts West, for its, Nuclear-Charade
Many lies, lurk beyond, truth of fascism
That, Faith’s Façade, Of, Nuclear Jihad!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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