A Flog’s Monolog

Amidst ethics and ethnic paradigms
Lay bare to bone our spent ethos
In a cacophony of herd of half-rhymes
With flair who flays is the only Boss!

Tethered to the millstones of our jobs
With faith in bread and master’s fear
We’re faceless, nameless, shameless mobs
Whose souls are dead destiny’s souvenir!

Their pride, prejudice, our piteous piety
Messiahs of Malice know where to assault
What these False Gods bequeath to society
Besides cost of their persona’s fault!

What Tom tom-tommed is it worth a thought!
Indeed, in interest of, ethics’ epilog!
Life is much more than winning every bout
As demure a dialog than A Flog’s Monolog!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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