To Die One Day In My Very Own Land

My estrangement, had changed, its faith
Since my heart, in new land, found its hearth
Homeland diminished, like a, distant wraith
My Utopian Death, was to be here, miles away from, Wretched Birth!

What had she, so far, bestowed me
Fistful of, dust, heartful of, dearth
From the, lap of, newfound destiny
I found, my cradle, of no worth!

Time chisels, dimensions, of thoughts
It ‘warped’, my pride, and prejudice too
I longed, for the farm, of forget-me-nots
Where my forefathers, had, bid adieu!

Was it calling, of soul, or motherland’s, recall
Lay bare, my redemption, strand by strand
I found, my spring, in the throes, of fall
To Die, One Day, In My, Very Own Land

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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