The Man Who Shook The Arab World

Who lit, himself, for renaissance!
A hawker, in, Tunisian street
The ash, of his, deathly romance
Is the substance, of, Arab Spring’s, heartbeat!

An outraged man, on fire, shook
Arab tyrannies, of, decadent decades
When a, deadened herd, woke up, forsook
Their fear, to fight, their faith’s crusades!

Gaddafi, Hosni, Zine El Abidine, …
All bit, the dust, at the feet, of those
They’d disposed, to, their pride’s waste-bin
Trampling their soul, and, soil’s ethos
To seed, in land, Demos Kratos!

The ‘Burning Man’, from his, smoldering grave
Still holds high, rising’s flag, unfurled
To the, fiefs of fear, new hope, who gave
The Man, Who Shook, The Arab World!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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