A Persian Telltale – Zombie Jolie in Jail

This fief, of fear, needs faith’s fatwas
To save, Ayatollah’s, reign of spite
Whose nightmare, of, ‘Women burning bras’
Flusters his faith, steals the sleep, of his night!

Does not, she bare, beyond faith’s façade
The stark face, of a, fearful regime
Paying penance, each day, for its, nuclear jihad
More than her visage, Iran’s fate is, worth a scream!

To a state, that spits out, hateful clones
How a, puerile lass, meant, so much fear
As though, its sins, woke from tombstones
To haunt, a despots’, league’s despair!

There’s a, beautiful dare, in this satire
Ayatollah’s, lasting, coffin nail
Truth’s epic, baptized by, hellfire
A Persian Telltale – Zombie Jolie in Jail!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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