The Day We Forget All Our Words

Between perceptions, and, expressions
Is the voice, of thoughts, impressions seek
Lest we lose, our, verbal pretensions
What’s left then, to think, write or speak!

Unless expressed, it exists, not
Ideas’ enigma, in the, prison of mind
Who begets whom, between, verse and a thought
Why is, language, lexicon-defined!

Deafened by, silence, evolution devised
A structure, to our, thinking’s voice
Since a species, proofread, “civilized”
In prose, and poetry, found its poise!

From faith, in façade, to cipher, of fear
We shall, be shepherds, searching our herds
Yet, hear the nightingale, sweet and clear
The Day, We Forget, All Our Words!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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