When Twilight Tears Trinity’s Heart

How solemn, seems, this unison
Night’s tide, dissolved in, morning’s psalm
Three dominions, in, one dimension
How long, will last, this funereal calm!

No mermaids, heave in sight, at day
Just a, soulless sea, caressing sky
Awaiting a, stray sun, for foreplay
How long, will yearn, to bleed, a rabbi!

When breach, the heaven, tears of sun
Then mermaids rise, and bathe, in gore
Sin’s liaison, plays out, horizon
Blessed bloodbath, of, three realms’ l’amour!

Lo and behold, furor, of a tryst
Between Bonaparte, Eliot, and Mozart
Faith dares, to bare, fear’s blood-heist
When Twilight, Tears, Trinity’s Heart!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra


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