Prosal Paralysis

Chasing milestones, o’er a, myriad miles
Is a pilgrimage, thru my, mind’s mirage
With a millstone, worth a, million trials
The paperweight, of my, thoughts’ montage!

A sum, of many, tangled tales
Is the, enigma, I reconcile
With the torment, of, dreary details
Etched less, with ink, and more, with bile!

For a thinker, of, very few words
Such literal, splurge is, akin to sin
I’m a shepherd, lost, amidst his herds
With, poetic poise; prosal chagrin!

It’s not, intellectual, inertia
But a, love-letter from, my nemesis!
A dare, to my, literate chutzpa
Squirming, in, Prosal Paralysis!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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