The First Church For The ‘Last Believers’

No God, no shrine, no hope, just fear
Since their sex, is an, ethnic enigma
And faith is a cross of sin they bear
In Muslim state, Christian eunuchs’ stigma!

“Are we the lesser litters of Jesus Christ
Banished from His kingdom of faith!”
Bewails aftermath of a holy heist
The castaway ethos of a wraith!

A ‘heretic’ founded for them a shrine
Who bore the lives of miscellany
Half men half women with a lost bloodline
Finally found a home for their litany!

No more they ashamed of their belief
Nor of the slur of “Sexual Ciphers”
Since in estranged land they found their fief
The First Church For The ‘Last Believers’!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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