My Sublime Sin Of Poetry

vikas chandra

Impression, seeks, in expression
Redemption, from a, mutinous mind
In words, thoughts find, that dimension
Night’s mystique, in, morn’s mist, enshrined!

Sun’s bursting orb, from the, tomb of twilight
I raise, to the sky, gaze at, and divine
With the, tears of sun, whose verse, I write
A solemn psalm, of my, stolen shrine!
An ode, to a bard’s, broken bloodline!

First twitter, of, magpie, I hear
She sounds, to me, a mockingbird
From the prism, of soul, my faith, and fear
Decipher enigma, of my, every word!

Kisses horizon, unison’s, myth
As my soul, melts down, in my, heart’s fury
My tombstone, is my, truth’s megalith
My Sublime Sin, Of, Poetry!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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