In The Farm Of Forget-Me-Nots

vikas chandra

Lest you, be remembrance, wherein, yearnings dwell
Rather, be substance, that, I ever see
And touch, and kiss, and sense, and smell
Life’s beautiful delusion, is, beyond a memory!

In splendid blue, purple, pink, and white…
New shades, of, eternal existence
Between, bride’s first night, and, widow’s last rite
You’re, far beyond, sins of senescence!

May the heavens, covet, your striking shroud
As much, as the, lovelorn nightingale
Though a, mortal self, you disavowed
You blossom still, behind, death’s veil!

“Forget Me Not…!” was your, parting wish
Still, an entrapment, in my love’s, lasting thoughts
Your boundlessness, yet, I chose to cherish
In The Farm, Of, Forget-Me-Nots!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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