#HATE-CHINA Is New World’s Anthem

vikas chandra

Whilst we live, Jinping’s, “Manifest Destiny”
“Free World” fades fast, as a myth, of the past
Shall we brace, to be one, Communist Colony
An ethnic ignominy, for an age, to last!

COVID-19, is the least, of China’s sin
Hell-bent on, hogging, our world’s trinity
Lest the, Communist Cartel’s, reign begin
From the, South China Sea, to eternity!

What’s on earth, and beyond, that ¥uan, can’t buy
Ethoses, IPR, indentured futures…
“China is no truth, but a, debauched lie”
Scream out, bleeding souls of, ghettoized Uighurs!

Are we, mere milestones, in Beijing’s, Belt-and-Road
Or pawns, of Communist, creed’s stratagem
The fear, they sowed, is the faith, we avowed
#HATE-CHINA, Is New, World’s Anthem!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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