Enigma Of Alzheimered Bard

vikas chandra

In chasing thoughts to be never found
It’s in them though myself I seek
A pilgrimage ever so profound
The newfound streak to my art’s mystique!

Every line lumbers to an endless mile
Each stanza strays thru a bygone year
In the throes of time I reconcile
My fading faith and firming fear!

In the mirror of my estrangement
Who hides behind fleeting façades
A bard spent in life’s sacrament
Plays with his mind many dumb charades!

Dementia is no inertia
But a deep renaissance of the soul
When a man is born in his absentia
To a new child from an avatar ole!

Medics blame the proteins in my brain
As I laugh away their fear’s ‘canard’
With a faith beyond the human stain
Fights on…, a lost war, lone diehard
Enigma Of Alzheimered Bard!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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