That Pregnant Cockroach In My Hearth

So “it” was, “she”, indeed, I found
A revelation, that changed, our dialogue
Whose calling, was meant, to confound
Mankind’s, ‘civilized’, monologue!

She had hid, all the while, from my disgust
Until, bestowed with, motherhood
When she found, my prejudice, too profane
Who withstood fire, and thrived, on wood!

“Evolution, is an, unfair game
‘Greater Kinds’ win, o’er, ‘Lesser Species’
I dare, no more hide, in the crevice, of shame
When mankind, is, ‘the civilized disease’!”

The slipper, slipped out, of my fist
In her words, when I found, my native worth
With a ‘vermin’, my, ‘intellectual’ tryst
That Pregnant Cockroach, In, My Hearth!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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