An Ode To Penis Of A Priest

“To be born to be the chosen one
Was it boon or bane of his destiny
Did God forbid, fostered Satan
A sin between lie and litany!

Baptized to be a celibate
Saintly soul bereft of seminal stain
Lest he dare to ever masturbate
For whom instincts were ruled “profane”!

Ordained a priest, too soon he learned
Diktat to martyr his worldly lust
Amid faith, fear, sin, he yearned and burned…
In a celibate’s shame of penile disgust!

He found his solace in sodomy
With little lads who dared not whine
Without fetter of faith, fear of blasphemy
For Pope pardons pedophiles divine!

At 70, he resents “Life lost to a pilgrimage”
Then fumbles his pubis for that puerile beast
Which shook Vatican with his sins’ outrage”
An Ode To Penis Of A Priest!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra


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