Cull The Minks Not The Dragon That Stinks

In evolution’s, race of, existence
‘Lesser’ species, pay, our ethnic price
For, 17 million minks, our death sentence
Is a, human-holocaust, beyond a sacrifice!

Hear the, haunting lullabies, Danish mink-farms play
Whilst their COVID-kids, sleep to death, en-masse
As CO2, wrests, their breaths away
Ain’t they convenient, to kill, than cure, alas!

Jinping can’t help, but, laugh away
The bane, it bestowed, to us all
Besides, Communist crimes, Maoist melee
With our, gallons of gore, he paints, his Great Wall!

Are we, any different, from these, squirming souls
In this world, which is now, what Beijing thinks
To pay China, new world order’s, tolls
Cull The Minks, Not The Dragon, That Stinks!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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