Who The Mermaid Awaits By The Stormy Sea

Amidst salt, and basalt’s, fleeting foreplay
A bliss blooms, from, funerary fury
What a virgin, seeks from, a Valentine’s day
With a, widow’s rosary, in her, bridal finery!

The yearning, of a, thousand years
Helen bears thru, with love’s, sinful joy
To dissolve, in the sea of, treasured tryst’s tears
At the altar, of passion, bloodbath of Troy!

In this, ruthless quest, between Zeus, and Thor
To win o’er, an, unwon heart
Lest lust, render, love’s metaphor
From Mozart’s art, to, battle of Bonaparte!

She fathoms, that tumult, deep within
Against, conquest, between trinity
With a faith, in love, and fear, in sin
Who The Mermaid, Awaits, By The Stormy Sea!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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