A Pious Price On Macron’s Head

Two schools, of thought, between east, and west
French faith, is beyond, one man’s prophecy
For the, other one, belief is, a holy conquest
Wherein hate, seems to be, a divine lunacy!

Two heads rolled, between, east and west
One, of a French dean, for his blasphemy
Another by, faith-monger, to make manifest
“Bigot butchers, are nobler, than faith’s enemy”!

France bears, the cross, of that, thankless creed
Which measures, its faith, by the blood, it spilled
To raise in, faith’s farms, hate’s holy seed!
With gore, and sand, whose shrines, do they build!

May this hate, and horror, be, our heritage
Or a faith, beyond past’s, sick souvenir
Was it, French sacrilege, that spurred outrage
In The Schools, Of Faith, Abattoirs Of Fear
Or a, pompous pretext, to impose, instead
A Pious Price, On, Macron’s Head!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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