Those Isles Of Intellectual Inertia

Every moment, can’t be, renaissance, alas!
In the toils, of a, rational alchemist
Beyond farms, of flair, wilds of impasse
Half-truths, lies, tryst, in a, thoughts’ heist!

Who sidestep, shades of, triviality
Thru the pilgrimage, of a, banal life
Are doomed, to, creativity’s duality
In this, heart and soul’s, eternal strife!

Where whispers, of words, are heard, no more
What lingers, is, haunting hollowness
Mind conjures, graffitis of, fear’s metaphor
On the, blood-bathed walls, of faith’s finesse!

I sail, by the star, of my fortitude
Thru dystopias, to, lost utopia
Fertile figments, of, sublime solitude
Those Isles, Of, Intellectual Inertia!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra


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