Is God Placebo Of Our Souls … !

In the fortress, of faith, reared o’er fear
Lives captive, of, soul’s spent outrage
Is it His, or ours, that cross, we bear
Thru the, life’s, eternal pilgrimage!

All good, to Him, all bad, on us
How wretched, is, our existence
We seek, in Him, our soul’s solace
Who’s no more, than, pious pretense!

He fails, to redeem, for its, all our fault
Some unbeknown sins, from, bygone lives
For nirvana’s hope, we, still exalt
On our faithful fear, Whose, fiefdom thrives!

From cradle, to grave, life squirms, under skin
Heart bleeds, each breath, His Holy Tolls
What faith, is to fear, Divinity is, to sin
Is God, Placebo, Of Our Souls … !

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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