This Nobel Prize Is A Feminist Farce

Obama, Malala, now, Louise Glück
Are tombs, of, political-correctness
By ‘cerebral cartel’, that deems world, ‘a schmuck’
Intellect sells, at, piety’s largess!

Is appeasement, the new, Nobel Dogma
To oblige, all odds, and ends, of that clique
Who fit, in their plans, of propaganda
And paint platitudes, with, scholarly streak!

Malala, Louise Glück, so, why not, Thunberg!
This prize, is set out, to settle old score
Womanhood, that bore, mankind’s intellectual scourge
Now wants, to redeem, martyrdom’s metaphor!

Lest we, get used to, New World’s sacraments
Bartering, feel-good candies, in banality’s bazaars
Louise Glück, is a fluke, our pretense invents
This Nobel Prize, Is A, Feminist Farce!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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