Where Mothers Cry Their Last Lullaby

Same creed, Shias’ tears’, as the, Sunnis’ blood
In Yemen, yet lasts, hate and, hunger’s holocaust
A myriad dreams, are born, alas, not to bud
To the, grave of war, whose cradles, shall be lost!

Each morning, brings, new mournings’ day
Mothers kiss, tots away, to their, last pilgrimage
War paves, the way, for blood-fests, of melee
Kindled by politics, fear and, faith’s outrage!

Yemen is, playground of, a surrogate war
Betwixt Saudi piety, and, Houthi’s Persian pride
West flares it, more, for arms-dollar$, galore
Whilst at altar, of fear, faith is crucified!

Why a shred, of bread, evades, staunch souls
Unholy truth, where, is a, holy war’s lie
Why a reign, of fear, fractured faith, extols
Where Mothers, Cry Their, Last Lullaby!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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