When “Allahu Akbar” Scares To Death

Paranoia, is, newfound passion
Of a faith, that lives, and lasts, on fear
How pious, is, that obsession
Whose blessed, bloodbaths, ‘infidels’ must bear!

How can faith, vindicate, sacrament of hate
We see, fear-fiestas, every now, and then!
Who baptize, by our blood, their caliphate
Are they, fear-flaunting, faith’s holy henchmen!

Is it lust, for heaven, or its, fabled virgins
Or the, last jihad, waged against, lost crusades
How benign, is that faith, which pardons, all sins
Against, lesser faiths, of renegades!

Lest their souls, wake up, from the, cradle of faith
They are numbed, by the, opium of, divine shibboleth
World squirms, aghast, like an, estranged wraith
When “Allahu Akbar”, Scares, To Death!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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