Who Left That Nosegay At My Door … !

What happened, was no, happenstance
But a nonchalance, that had, come of age
Heart throbs, by the rites, of dalliance
What love, would be, sans sin’s outrage!

A brilliant bunch, bathed in, morning mist
Of petite souls, bonded by, straw
At my doorway, lay, for a, mystic tryst
A lassie lost, in a, woman’s awe!

Was he lad, whose stutter, stole my smile
Or the, next-door stud, beyond my crush
I clasped, to my breasts, cupid’s passionate guile
That taught, a virgin spring, to bloom, and blush!

It smelt, of the yearnings, of my, forlorn years
First menses, dissolved in, first rain’s petrichor
Who baptized, a woman, in lovelorn, girl’s tears
Who Left, That Nosegay, At My Door … !

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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