Lest France Become Jihadistan

Ended where, hajj, for existence
There quest, for, identity, began
Why yearns, for, ethnic coherence
From that, land’s ethos, an estranged clan!

Who couldn’t, co-evolve, why they embraced
The condemned, ‘hell’, of ‘infidels’
With a faith, and its fear, drag lives, two-faced
Shout the, shrillest azan, to silence, church bells!

Who chose, to be, western outcasts
Cradle, in their souls, inbred dilemma
All crusades, won, and lost, in the pasts
Sum up, their pride, and hate’s, enigma!

“Our dogmas, are, holier-than-thou!”
Therein gestates, genesis, of jihad
Hence the, law of land, they disavow
For that, vow of fear, in faith’s façade!

With Fear, a Faith, Founded, its Fief
Where each Bigot, is a, Holy Henchman
May the, French Ethos, Reassert its Belief
Lest France, Become, Jihadistan!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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