Between Schools Of Faith, And, Shrines Of Shame

It was, one of those, Parisian twilights
Sun’s fury, kissed down, tides, of the sea
When, aghast Love-polis, witnessed, hate’s rites
By a bigot, who swore, by the Almighty!

A teacher, lay slaughterd, like a sheep
His head severed, from an, unbowed spine
“For the love, we sowed, is this hate, we reap!
France learnt, bloody well – These émigrés, ain’t benign!”

Why’s a truth-seeker, fanatics’, worst fear
Who clutch, onto fear, of a, faith fragile
Is a, broken bigotry, that hard, to bear
Than a, Satan’s satire, on an, Angel’s smile!

Hate’s innate doctrines, dare, never ever die
Since jihad, a clan’s, discourse became
How estranged is, a world’s truth, from a, fear’s lie
Between Schools, Of Faith, And Shrines, Of Shame!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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