Nihility Redeemed Its Infinity

Did slumber there, our faith, and fear
And God with, life’s, all elements
Cipher-Shakespeare, was, why made, to bear
That relative truth, our ken, represents!

Wasn’t all well, with that, placid poise
Without, world’s myth, of existence
Who cradled, tumult of, a trillion Troys
In energy, matter, space-time, resonance!

After age, of, timeless gestation
Of, logical laws, of universe
Began, the fury, of formation
From the blessed, womb of, vacuity’s curse!

Since cipher, sought to, dare its creed
To invent, man, and divinity
From the cadaver, of fear, faith’s soul, got freed
Nihility, Redeemed, Its Infinity!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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