Death On A Smoldering Summer Noon

Whilst heavens, spill out, tears of sun
Joie de vivre, squirms in, senescence’s dust
Faith trysts, with fear, in unison
When a pilgrim, yearns for, lost wanderlust!

In inertia, I slumber, and see
A lizard, laze on, my graffiti
By, old calendar; clock, sans battery
Death teaches, life, time’s travesty!

Spring’s zephyr, molts to, summer’s loo
Stirring, spent fury, in my estranged soul
Life fears, to dare, death’s bugaboo
Death dares to, bare, life’s hyperbole!

May mortal, stay, immortal thirst
Redemption, is no, stray monsoon
For nirvana, may my soul, kiss first
Death On, A Smoldering, Summer Noon!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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