For The Prison Of Her Pedigree

Why, evolution, exalted Y
Not X, to, ethnic hegemony
Sacraments, need no, genetic alibi
For our, deep-rooted, misogyny!

Sans fathers, ain’t we, all bastards!
Such is, quintessence of, paternity
In patriarchy, find, human herds
True integrity, of, identity!

Delphine daresay, she’s a, King’s seminal sin
Who denied, to death, his ‘bastard’s’ claim
There’s more, to this, love-child’s chagrin
To shrouded, her shame, with an illicit, father’s name!

A daughter won, but a, woman lost
To the, prejudice of, paternal decree
A princess, paid, amour-propre’s cost
For The, Prison Of, Her Pedigree!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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