‘WHO’ Leads The Funeral Of The World

vikas chandra

China’s henchman, world’s undertaker
Tedros counts, Xi’s, satanic rosary
For the, billion ¥uans, he’s paid, to maneuver
Corona’s, scandalous truths, with his, evil coterie!

Since, turned Cartel, an Organization
Suborned by bullies, to shroud, their sins
UN, thus became, their salvation
‘WHO’ make, a billion ¥uans, auctioning coffins!

The prophet, of our, apocalypse
Tedros is, a puppet, of avarice
‘WHO’ parrots, to the world, propagandized slips
Dictated by, the Chinese, Communist malice!

Not health, but death, is its, true business
‘WHO’ loves, to see, mankind martyred
‘WHO’ plays Satan, with, God’s finesse
‘WHO’ Leads, The Funeral, Of The World!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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