Their Faith’s Castaways

vikas chandra

Is Erdogan, Xi’s, newfound, henchman
Who ships, Uighurs, giftwrapped in guile
To his, mean master, Satan of Wuhan
For Islam, is a sin, in this, Socialist Isle!

How an, Arab faith, ruffled, a Communist State
Know well, who bear its, holy fear
In ghettos, pay price, pilgrims, apostate
With souls, torn apart, and wombs, shredded bare!

Do the Arabs, pity, do the Ottomans, care
Where’s lost, that, ‘Muslim Brotherhood’
With ¥uans, is their, such profound, sin-affair
“Who are Uighurs? Islam’s Deadwood!”

Faith is, no more, than a conjecture
In the, piety’s equation, of malaise
For whom, Fear is Faith, and, Faith is Fear
Uighurs, Uighurs…,Their Faith’s Castaways!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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