Don’t Let Khashoggi Die Again … !!!

vikas chandra

Don’t shoot, the messenger, do crucify him
For the world, to learn, from a, vain martyr
Why lost to, fear’s fief, faith’s, forsaken pilgrim
Whose sons, sold his soul, o’er blood-barter!

Would his message, outlast, his fate, aghast
Whose blood, will now power, his ‘poison-pen’
Should truth, be slaughtered, at the altar, of past
For the, king’s ‘salvation’, by his, henchmen!

Ain’t truth, propaganda, of politics
And lie, a truth, whose voice, has died
Why truth-seekers, are, holy lunatics
Who die, in the hope, to be deified!

From the farms, of fear, and hell-fire
May rise, new Messiahs, daring dread’s, dark reign
Lest the truth, become, lie’s satire
Don’t Let, Khashoggi, Die Again … !!!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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