Baptized By Blood A ‘Blessed’ Eid Day

vikas chandra

Why grieve, o’er them, are they, Jesus Christs!
Nor martyrs, for an, ethnic cause
Yet scapegoats, in faith’s, heinous heists
Pay with, their pain, for an, ummah’s flaws!

Done with pilgrimage, for, salvations!
It’s the time, to redeem, Ibrahim’s lore
Pinned down, to streets, myriad, surrogate sons
Await to be, a feared faith’s, metaphor!

Lo and behold, machismo’s, gory fests!
To vanquish, faith-stricken, outraged souls
In the pride, prejudice, piety’s conquests
Only that faith, is true, which fear extols!

What began, with the screams, of innocence
Lay drowned, in the, fear of, faith’s melee
To glorify, God and man’s, insolence
Baptized, By Blood, A ‘Blessed’ Eid Day!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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