For A Compromised Christianity

For the sake, of Socialist, fear of faith
Burn Bibles, for, Jinping’s manuals
Whilst Pope watches on, like a, wretched wraith
His ‘Catholic Kingdom’s glory’, scattered, in shambles!

Of fear, not faith, is the, Xi-Pope deal
To toe, the line, of Xi’s doctrine
To “Sinicise”, faith, too imbecile
Lest it, commit, a “Socialist Sin”!

Bishops, mere pawns of, Jinping’s whims
Since Pope, is content, with toadying
To whom, Uighurs are, not Muslims
But ‘traitors’, who ain’t, worth being!

Whilst Jesus, bleeds, on his crucifix
Xi flaunts, his, Socialist insanity
Pope plays politics, with his, faith’s ethics
For A, Compromised, Christianity!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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