In The Crowning Of A Naked King

Lest Belarus, transcend, torpor’s paradigm
In the, iron hands, of a, spent tyrant
Yet, one more time, when Putin’s mime
In a, sham oath, iterates, democracy’s rant!

At the altar, of his, skullduggery
With the, boon of, Putin’s impunity
Amidst, deafening jeers, of his coterie
Democracy’s, slaughtered, with piety!

Whilst EU stared, and glared, at him
He took democracy, for, one more ride
Belarus is, a wounded, worn pilgrim
Whose ethos, is being, crucified!

Lukashenko dons, flagrant finery
A gift, of Putin, for his guile, of winning
Russia’s Lost War, with his, chicanery
In The Crowning, Of A, Naked King!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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