Redemption Is As Sweet As Blood

There’s more fury, in, that ember
Born in, the heart, of inferno
Who dares, with faith, blitzkrieg of fear
If not Goliath, David, would know!

Held hostage, to history, an isle
Defies, the diktats, of her past
Waylaid by, salvo of, dragon’s guile
Her chutzpah, watches, world, aghast!

“You ain’t, ‘Taiwan’, ‘Chinese Taipei’
In UN, where’s your, existence!”
To baptize, that rite, of independence
Bloodbath now, seems the, only way!

Who yearns, for, Chinese motherhood
That chews, to death, hegemony’s cud!
An isle, seems to have, understood
Redemption Is, As Sweet, As Blood!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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