The More We Try To Fathom World

Invented truths, of an, untrue realm
Are all, we see, and hear, in news
Belief means – ‘How we overwhelm
Our ethos, with, stage-managed views!’

A propaganda, in, every voice
A vendetta, in, every word
We epitomize, manufactured lies
Fanatics, of a, civilized herd!

Mean politics, drives, our destiny
Beyond, our dreams; ethnic pursuits
We’re are, captives, in ignominy
Of the cartels, whose we, live statutes!

We’re clones, who linger, in pigeon-holes
With wings free, yet our, flights tethered
We sink, in quicksand, of our souls
The More, We Try, To Fathom World!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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